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Set of 9 Assorted Clear Glass Candle Holders 5" | 2.75" | 2.5" Tall ONLY, for Pillar Votive Tealight Floating Candle - Pedestal Candle Centerpiece Metal Frame Not Included

  • $29.99

Decorate your home, office or special event with this set of 9 clear glass hurricane candle holders. The set includes 9 round glass cups in 3 different sizes. These glass holders are custom made to use with our Pedestal Candle Centerpiece with Nine Candle Holders Metal Frame, which is sold separately. It will accentuate a dinner table and add glam to any party when filled with your favorite pillar candles, votive candles, tealight candles, floating candles or flameless candles. The set comes in 9 pcs, with 3 pcs each at 5" | 2.75" | 2.5" Tall.  Candle holder metal frame, candles, and other decorative items are NOT included.

Instant Style: Assorted glass cups are an easy way to elevate your space with decoration and flair. It will accentuate patios, weddings, mantels, countertops, and make an attractive centerpiece for any party or home décor.

Quality: Set of 9 glass cylinder candle holders are made of crystal clear glass to maximize content visibility. Each holder features thick glass walls and smooth edges to ensure quality and durability.

Multiple Uses: Fill these clear glass holders for a charming display of three different sizes candles of your choice, from your favorite real or flameless pillar candles, votive candles, tealight candles, to seasonal decorative fillers, or just add water and top it off with a floating candle for extra glam and beauty. 

Measurements: Large sized glass cylinder works beautifully as a pillar candleholder / hurricane candle holder (fit 3"dia. x 5" H.), floating candle holder (fit 3" dia.) and flowers vase. Medium sized glass is for 2.2"dia. x 2.75" H. pillar candle, votive candle, floating candle (up to 2.2" dia.). Small sized cup is better for tealight candle, votive candle (fit 1.9"dia. x 2.5" H) and floating candle (up to 1.9" dia.).

Note: This set of 9 glass candle holders ONLY fits Westcharm Pedestal Candle Centerpiece with Nine Candle Holders Metal Frame. The Metal Frame is sold separately. Candles and other decorative items are not included.


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